Merry Christmas to both our ex and current neonatal families and thank you to all those who have supported us during 2019.
Our playgroups are taking a break and will be back in February 2020.
We look forward to seeing you next year! 
Christmas at the WellsFB_IMG_1575408873809.jpg
‘Tis the season for Santa and giant reindeers! If you live in or are visiting Hamilton this December pop along to Hamblyn Crescent for the most amazing Christmas lights display. And pop in to the Wells place to meet Santa and pose for selfies in his sleigh, and see their 
amazing Christmas tree and teddy bear display. Our Neonatal Trust incubator is also in residence and we are hugely grateful for all of the donations we receive from visitors to the display, every cent of which goes towards helping families and babies make a very difficult start to life a little bit easier!

Fabulous Foodie Fridge
With 1 in 10 babies being born premature, you never know who might have had a neonatal journey and how deep the impact of that experience can run. The wonderful thing is that those that have been through an prematurity or NICU experience in New Zeland so often want to help those going through the same experience, in whichever way they can.
This year we would like to give an extra special shout out to the Hall family. When the opportunity came up for a family and friends gathering and celebration at their beautiful property, they could have just had an awesome party… instead they chose to host our donation incubator for the evening and ask friends and family to gift donations to The Little Miracles Trust in order to help other families. Their generosity made such an impact even the caterer donated a percentage of their fee!
The money raised had gone towards buying a brand new freezer and stocking it with ready made meals for parents and partners unexpectedly admitted or transferred to NICU.
Thank you to the Hall’s and all of your family and friends for your amazing generosity!

Volunteers and Donations
At this time of year we like to reflect on all of the incredible people that make it possible for us to help families going through a prematurity or NICU experience.
To the knitters and bakers, womans league and creative fibre groups, thank you for feeding body and soul and keeping our babies warm!
To the local businesses and hosters of our incubator and to our local New World stores, for helping us raise the money we need to do good things for good people.
To the organizers of the A&P show, Baby Show and annual Children’s Day festivities, thank you for the tickets allowing families to celebrate the birth of their babies, and enjoy a fun day out.
To our dedicated team, THANK YOU!! Without the volunteers who make things happen, we would not be able to do any of the things that we do! To those of you who have contacted us to be a volunteer, thank you for your patience while we have been looking at how best to grow and expand. 

We have some big plans for 2020 and will be in touch to see how we can take you up on your offers of time and skills!
From our team to your family, we wish you the most wonderful festive season! May your families find love and joy in each other and may you new year be bountiful!


We are proud to announce a brand new Developmental Support group for those in the Hawkes Bay Region.! We’ve teamed up with Elen Nathan, an Occupational Therapist at The Playful Place.   With her help, we’re now able to provide assistance to more families on a neonatal journey.  
This new developmental group is FREE and open to all premature and high-risk babies in who have been through a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) or SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) and will provide a very valuable service for parents to get crucial free 


developmental assistance and advice for their babies.

Elen Nathan
The Playful Place
021 0206 1360
Playgroup Venue:
First Friday of every month during term time 9.30am – 10.30am 
The Playful Place
6 Ossian St
Port Ahuriri
Note: Bookings are essential as limited places available

2019 NICU Christmas Party 
Thank you to all our families that joined us at our recent Graduate Party at the Karori Recreation Centre.  A great time was had by all that attended and it was fantastic to see how much your babies have grown since they were discharged from NICU.

Christmas Shopping
We have lots of brand new books, toys, pamper packs, wheatpacks, Christmas stockings, Christmas cards and decorations, Spanish hot chocolate powder for sale in The Little Miracles Trust shop on Level 4 of Wellington Hospital.  Please come and support our charity by buying your Christmas presents at our shop (free Christmas gift wrapping – especially good for those last minute Secret Santa presents!).  Your support enables us to provide the parents with babies in NICU, items such as: welcome packs, weekly parents lunch, lazy boy chairs for kangaroo cuddles etc.

Upcoming Events
We have two more events coming up before Christmas:

Volunteer Knitter’s Christmas morning tea where we get to thank our “Prolific Volunteer Knitters” for all their hard work throughout the year.  Our Prolific Knitters are the ones that knit more than 100 items per year for us to sell in The Little Miracles Trust shop and donate their time and a lot of their own wool.  Most of them have not had a baby or grandchild through NICU but just love to support the services we provide and we very much appreciate all they do for us.  This is just a little way we can say thank you to them all.

All We Want For Christmas – Shut Up and Dance Fundraiser for The Little Miracles Trust 
“We are a big and welcoming community of people (mostly mums, parents, women between 25-45) who dance for the joy of dancing – no mirrors, no photos, no videos, and every class is different and a surprise. So it’s fun, and focused on creating a safe space to bust a move (for people who ‘didn’t cut the mustard’ in their ballet class as children for example).”

This event is open to the public to buy tickets to so if you fancy a dance class followed by donuts, please go to the following link for more information:

Entertainment Books are now all digital and 1 Year memberships are on sale now in time for Christmas
We have been advised that the hard copy books will no longer exist and instead Entertainment Publications have launched lots of different digital options.  You can now buy a Single City or Multi City Membership for 1 Year – so great for a Christmas present idea) which covers all cities in New Zealand, Australia and Bali.  To find out more, please go to our fundraising page:


We wish all our Neonatal families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to catching up with you in 2020.