After recording a few podcasts with supporters such as the NZX – New Zealand’s Exchange and Purposely Podcast we decided to launch our own podcast called ‘One in Ten’ especially for the one in ten babies who spend time in a NICU or a SCBU every year. 💜

This will give you a view into the world of the Trust, the whānau we support, the amazing teams who work within the neonatal world from doctors and nurses to occupational therapists, family liaison teams and lactation consultants, plus our donors, volunteers and many, many more! 💜

It’s been a steep learning curve with microphones, mixers, headsets, editing software, RSS feeds….you name it, but we’re out there and doing it. Our first episode ‘Don’t Give Me Rainbows and Fairytales’ with Jadey Drury, Service Delivery Manager is available to stream now on Spotify, Amazon, Google and IHeartRadio! 💜

And if you’d like to be a guest on our ‘pod’ do email us

Episode 1: ‘Don’t Give Me Rainbows and Fairytales’ with Jadey Drury

In this episode Jadey talks us through her first pregnancy with Frankie which was fraught with severe morning (all-day) sickness and pre-eclampsia, Frankie’s preterm birth, their time in NICU and SCBU, as well as her healing through her pregnancy and birth of Ivy.

Episode 2:  Eat all the Chocolate Biscuits you want with Ben Everist.

This week I spoke to Ben Everist, a Dad to four children based in our capital city, Wellington.  
Ben talks to us about the Dad-juggle he experienced when Jack was born, with young children at home, a career in real estate and his family being overseas, plus he has some great advice for those listening, particularly about chocolate biscuits.  I hope you enjoy this episode recorded just in time for Father’s Day.

Episode 3: ‘It Takes a Village’ with Oliviera Tavu’i

Trigger Warning: this episode does address baby loss. 

In this episode Oliviera tells us about her rollercoaster journey from week 10 right thru to week 25 with her triplets, and how throughout this time instinct, intuition, advocacy and resilience alongside her strong whānau and faith are what got her through.

Episode 4: ‘Feel all the Feelings’ with Chavvah Harlock

Chavvah Harlock talks to us about both her NICU and SCBU experiences. Her son, Hudson, was born at 25 weeks after experiencing polyhydramnios and gestational diabetes and they spent 86 days in Auckland NICU. This was followed a few years later by Sloane coming into the world at 34 weeks gestation at Waitakere SCBU, where they spent just over two weeks but what felt like a lifetime.

Chavvah talks about the ‘juggle’ of life with having a second baby in hospital, a toddler at home and all the realities that go with it.

Episode 5: ‘You’re Safe and Secure Inside’ with Shelley Gorman

Shelley has such a positive, infectious zest for life and although she was out of her comfort zone of being in control and organised, her natural resilience got her through.

Shelley’s outlook on life changed from the moment she became Mum to Mia and life took a very different turn, going from living life on the ocean to working with whānau through Plunket and now for the Little Miracles Trust and supporting whānau who experience preterm birth in Dunedin.

Episode 6: ‘I Am Stronger Than I Think I Am’ with Gemma McKenzie

Gemma started to suffer from gestational diabetes from 28 weeks into her pregnancy and had their first visit to the Womens’ Assessment Unit in Hamilton at 30 weeks, with Wyatt being born three weeks later at 33 weeks although it is not known whether this caused his early birth or if it was due to an infection. 

Gemma talks to us about their experience of a moderate-to-late preterm birth and her desire to get more stories of the 33-37 weeks told which is what inspired her to get in touch with us for an interview, as at the time Wyatt was in NICU she struggled to find anything in this space. 

Episode 7: ‘This Too Shall Pass’ with Jessica Berry

This week we hear from Jessica Barry, Mum to twins Archie and Luca born 10 weeks early at Auckland City Hospital where they spent 2 weeks before being transferred to the Waitakere SCBU for a further 8 weeks.

Jess is a twin herself and was born 9 weeks early 30 years ago. Jess talked to me not only about their ten week hospital stay but also about her own personal mental health journey, which started before becoming pregnant.

Episode 8: ‘Become Your Own Advocate’ with Pip Kelleher

This week we spoke to Pip Kelleher, Mum to 4yr old Elsie who was born at 24 plus 5 weighing 465 grams at Wellington NICU, and to Mabel born 7 months ago at 36 weeks’ gestation, who despite being born almost at full term had her own journey to follow through Palmerston North SCBU. However it’s not just her girls story that Pip touches on in this episode but also her fertility journey – having suffered for years with debilitating periods that could see her end up in hospital, through to conception via IVF. Through this Pip openly brings another lens to our podcast series.

Episode 9: ‘There’s No Harm In Prioritising Yourself’ with Karen Harris

Karen shares her experience of having her son Cooper at 33 weeks due to a very sudden onset of pre-eclampsia and thanks to a colleague calling out her concerns for Karen meant that Karen consulted her midwife and thankfully got herself to Wellington Regional Hospital in time to ensure that both she and her baby were safe.

Episode 10: ‘Trust Your Insticts’ with Liesje Lockhead

Leisje openly shares the journey that she and her husband, Trent, went through to conceive all three of their children which due to a medical condition meant they had to tread the path of IVF to complete their family.  At their 7 week scan, they found out that they were having twins who were closely monitored due to them sharing a placenta and at around 18 weeks they discovered that the placement of the girls umbilical cords into the placenta meant that one twin was receiving more nourishment than the other, and that’s where their NICU story begins.

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