Calling all crafty folk!

Looking for something crafty to do? Got a friend or family member who’s keen to support or learn a new skill? You can do this and support some of New Zealand’s tiniest and most vulnerable babies at the same time!
You don’t need to be an expert, there are plenty of easy, simple projects for all abilities:
Quilt fabric should be 100% cotton and measure approximately 80cm x 80cm
Please use machine washable batting so it doesn’t shrink in the industrial wash and no embellishments e.g. buttons or ribbon
Incubator covers are 1mx1.2m. The outside fabric can be any pattern of your choice and preferably a plain darker colour on the underneath side so as to protect baby’s eyes from light and visual stimulation. They don’t necessarily need to be quilted but preferably double weighted so they don’t slip.  However, if you do decide to use batting, please ensure it is machine washable so it doesn’t shrink in the industrial wash. No embellishments please e.g. buttons or ribbon
Please make these from 100% brushed cotton (flannelette), measuring approximately 110x70cms
100% cotton muslin measuring approximately 90x90cms with a simple overlocked or bound/hemmed
Scent Hearts are given to parents whose babies are cared for in some Neonatal Units in New Zealand. The hearts are made in pairs to give to mum to wear in her bra or dad to wear on his chest whilst they are apart from baby. The second heart is placed near baby so they can smell each other and feel loved.  The hearts are then swapped frequently to help maintain a bond.  Note: Nurses in the Unit will further instruct Parents on the use and handling of the Scent Hearts.IMG_1109.JPG
Scent hearts are made from 100% cotton fabric measuring approximately 9cm by 9cm (see pattern on next page).  Please wash fabric using unscented detergent, dry and iron the fabric.
Cut two hearts from fabric using pattern provided on page 3 of this document. Hearts should be made in sets of four with all  being made of the same patterned fabric.
Please ensure all items are made in a clean, smoke-free environment and washed prior to sending.
Items can be sent to us at:
Auckland – NICU Auckland City Hospital, Park Road, Grafton, Auckland 1023
Hamilton – 27 Mansel Avenue, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216
Wellington – 9 Staithes Drive North, Whitby, Porirua 5024
Christchurch – 21 Raranga Street, Marshland, Christchurch 8083
A printable PDF version of the above is available for you to download here
On behalf of our neonatal families, we thank you for helping make a difficult start to life that little bit easier!

The benefits of sewing and knitting

The art of crafting and knitting are often associated with friends and family. The craftwork in progress may be intended for a loved one or perhaps it is being created while in the company of friends, family or a social group. It is a fantastic hobby for individuals and the basics are easy to pick up

Sewing and knitting is recommended to peoples of all genders and ages as it provides unexpected benefits for both physical and mental health – with the enjoyment and satisfaction factors on top of this.

Here are 5 things to know:  

  • It can help with managing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • It keeps your brain healthy
  • It can help your motor skills
  • It is a meditative act
  • It instils pride upon completion

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