Neonatal journeys can be like riding a roller coaster – with ups and downs and twists and turns.

The Little Miracles Trust exists to support families through their journey. As part of this we look to provide information and resources to enable greater understanding more and feel encouraged and empowered.

To help neonatal families to celebrate key milestones, we’ve developed a set of Milestone cards to use with special photos during your journey. They cover a range of achievements such as reaching weight milestones, special firsts such as bathing, kangaroo cuddles, and more.  

If you are currently in a neonatal unit, to access the cards ask the team in your NICU or SCBU.

If you are on a neonatal journey, think REF!  Rest. Exercise. Food.

A parent’s natural instinct is to put all of their focus into looking after their precious new baby.  However, this can often come at the detriment of looking after yourself. Rest, Exercise and Nutrition may fall by the wayside. Taking care of yourself is especially important so you can give your baby the best possible care and attention. We know this intuitively. Numerous studies have also shown babies do better being interacted with, read to and cuddled (etc). These are all things parents are more likely to do if they are feeling good themselves.

To learn more about this, and check out our support resources, please head to