Support at home

While your baby is in the NICU all you can think about is getting them home.

But for some parents, in particular those with a baby requiring ongoing special care, going home can be quite a stressful time.

No longer do you have the immediate support of nursing staff and doctors. Your baby may be vulnerable to illness or have special requirements like medications or oxygen that you need to provide.

The Trust is also here to provide support for you when you get home.

Here are some ideas to help you with the transition:

  • Accept that it might take time to feel “under control” and to feel comfortable looking after your baby at home.
  • Try to let housework and other pressures go while you are getting used to caring for your baby.
  • Communicate your baby’s needs to friends and family, this may include no visiting with colds.
  • Make sure everyone washes their hands regularly – this helps to stop the spread of infections.
  • Don’t apologise for needing these things, your baby is precious and your goal is to care for him or her in the best possible way.
  • Your home is clean – you don’t need to clean every surface and corner of your home to provide a healthy environment for your baby.
  • Take getting out and about in small steps, keep your baby in a pram or covered with a sun or rain cover if you want to avoid contact with people in the wider community.
  • Look after yourself. You might not feel the full effects of the experience you have been through until some weeks or even months after you get home.
  • Most important of all, enjoy your baby and celebrate that your baby is home!