Research is greatCAN YOU HELP? 

We are helping with the recruitment of participants for a research project regarding the continuation of care and parental experience of complex premature babies – during their transition from NICU to home.  Details are below plus in this PDF if you wanted to print off and/or send to someone who may meet the criteria.

If you are a parent, or know of another, who is over 18yrs of age and the infants care has been discharged from a Level 3 NICU within the past 3 years and:

  • delivered less than 34 weeks gestation, and
  • discharged from home care services within the past 12 months, and
  • 1 or more piece of equipment for medical home monitoring, and
  • more than 1 medication  

Please email or call 021 239 7223 for more information 

Click here for a PDF about this (for downloaded and/or printing)


Supporting Neonatal Research SUPPORTING RESEARCH

One of the three core objectives of The Little Miracles Trust is to aid neonatal-related medical research. The Little Miracles Trust is proud to do so, as it creates enhanced outcomes for thousands of future neonatal babies. Note: All research we support has appropriate ethics sign off.

To read more on a number of different research studies that are in action / have occured in New Zealand, you can do so here:

Our support of research occurs in a range of different ways, including:

  • Helping to raise awareness and find research participants  ** See below for a request current as at the start of November 2018 **
  • Direct financial support to help research occur
  • Working with organisations to help enable more research