Neonatal Secret SantaChristmas day is a day for families to get together, be together and make memories. For hundreds of families this Christmas, their memories will be different to most with their baby (or babies, in the case of multiples) in a neonatal unit. While the unit is the best place for the care of their baby (or babies) they would love to be home at this time.

In 2016 we launched ‘Neonatal Secret Santa’ for the first time – to provide a pick-me-up pack for the 350+ families with a baby in an incubator or cot in a neonatal unit (NICUs and SCBUs) across New Zealand.

Through buying in bulk and also with the generous help of some wonderful supporters we will provide a special pack to neonatal families. Some items will be sourced at a discount, but there will be some costs involved and we’re seeking support to make this happen
In addition to making a donation, supporters can also add a personal message in the ‘Card message’ field. We will then have our great volunteers handwrite these messages for the Christmas card that will go into the ‘Neonatal Secret Santa’ pack. An example of one of the great messages provided in 2016 is below and sample of the many great messages provided for Neonatal Secret Santa can be viewed here.

We have set up a special page where you can make a secure online donation to The Little Miracles Trust and also leave your message of support. A text entry field has been provided on this page for people to leave a message of support that will be hand written into a card by a Trust volunteer. A couple of examples from last year are below, and you can see more here

Neonatal Secret Santa messageNeonatal Secret Santa_message example







Will you help support families in neonatal units this Christmas?

You can support Neonatal Secret Santa here.

Key things to know:

  • As we are a registered charity (CC42886) with Charities Services New Zealand we will send you an IRD compliant tax receipt – this will happen automatically by return email
  • If you want to know more or have comments or ideas, please email
  • For the messages of support, please choose your wording carefully (remembering that a number of families may be under extreme stress).