We’re extremely grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time, support and donations to The Little Miracles Trust. 
A consistent theme encountered space is the special people involved in the care of neonatal babies, the wider support of the families and the supporters and volunteers who make it happen.

We recently caught up with Taryn who’s had three neonatal experiences and wanted to give back.  

Supporter profile: Taryn Ibell

How did you fundraise for The Little Miracles Trust?
I recently held a fundraising auction where a bunch of amazing businesses within NZ donated their products to be auctioned off. I created an album on my FB business page (Marubella Photography) dedicated to this auction and when it went live the public could bid on what products they liked. The highest bidder at the end time was the winner of the product they bid on.

How did you come to fundraise for The Little Miracles Trust?
I always wanted to give something back to the unit as all 3 of my kids had an NICU experience.   Nothing compared to when my 2nd child, Addison, was born at 26 weeks after my waters broke at 22 weeks.Addison in the NICU She spent 3 months in the unit and the work they do in there is amazing!    I had another brief encounter with the unit in Feb 2016 when my 3rd child was born.  I felt now was the right time to fundraise and give back.

What advice would you give someone, or a family, who is currently going through a neonatal journey? 
My advice to future/present NICU families is to take each day as it comes. There are going to be many times where it feels like it’s 3 steps forwards and 2 steps back. Be sure to take care of yourself. Have someone you can talk to incase you need to vent, as there may be some bad days where you need a shoulder to cry on. If you have Facebook there is a group especially for NICU/SCBU/Sick children that you can join. It’s NZ based and the parents in the group are great at helping you through it.  I have found that talking to others who have been through the same kind of thing has been very helpful, especially as NICU can be quite daunting at times.

How many other people do you know who have had a neonatal experience?
I know quite a few people who have been through an NICU experience:

  • My sister and I both had prems 6 weeks apart and spent a week together in the unit
  • A good friend of mine had a 25 weeker who now 10 and has done amazingly well
  • I met people during my hospital stay in the maternity ward, we went through NICU together and have made life long friends with them
  • I met an 85 year old woman in 2012 who was a prem baby herself weighing only 3lb which I thought was pretty amazing as back then premature babies didn’t survive as much or as well as they do today.

Taryns girls

What is your favourite part of fundraising for The Little Miracles Trust?
My favourite part of fundraising for the unit was being able to hand over the money. We had done far better than anticipated so it was so awesome to be able to hand over a bigger amount than I thought I was going to. I also loved seeing how many NZ businesses were willing to jump in and donate to make it all possible. It really did bring tears to my eyes.

What do you do when you aren’t fundraising for The Little Miracles Trust?
Life outside of this fundraiser is being a mum to my 3 kids.  I also run two businesses, Marubella Photography, which held this fundraiser and Treat Yourself Trinkets, where I make semi precious stone jewellery and sell cute stationery and home decor items.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
Oh gosh I have no idea what could be surprising about me. I grew up in a medical family so that has always been a big part of my life. If I didn’t have kids in my early 20s I probably would be a paramedic or a nurse by now.  In general, I just like to help people and will continue to do so wherever I can.



The picture below shows Taryn with the enhanced parent and sibling library her fundraising enabled. Thanks Taryn!
A range of books on breastfeeding, child development, baby names were provided for the parent library. 
A number of childrens books are now available to keep siblings entertained and for reading to babies in their incubator / cot.


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