Phone Campaign Vessel*** Updated:  Collection jars will remain out until October 7th ***

Throughout September, regulars of Mojo cafes will be happy to discover an opportunity to receive a free coffee (on their next visit) while also doing some good.  With the return of their “Old Phones Helping New Lives” campaign for The Little Miracles Trust, Mojo is accepting old and unused mobile phones for recycling. They will send it off for recycling and to say thanks, Mojo will shout a 2 for 1 coffee voucher in exchange for every phone received.

“We’re thrilled to be supporting such a great cause. All donated phones will be sent to Fone Fund who will dismantle the phones and recycle the usable parts, which also helps reduce the amount of electronic waste through recycling,” Mr Gianoutsos said. 

The average New Zealander replaces their mobile phone every 18 to 24 months, and the old devices are not always disposed of correctly or in an environmentally friendly way. Mojo and The Little Miracles Trust encourages Kiwis to contribute to the campaign in keeping our country green, whilst also supporting a good cause.


The Little Miracles Trust support

Examples of The Little Miracles Trust support, that this campaign enables, can be seen here.

This is another example of Mojo assisting The Little Miracles Trust. They’ve been great supporters of the Trust for some years now, and we really do appreciate their on-going support with our fundraising and awareness raising. We love to support those who help us. So. . .      
 * Make sure you enjoy your morning beverage at a Mojo cafe (well, anytime of the day really)
 * If you have a business, or enjoy coffee at home, check out their subscription delivery service:

Thanks Mojo!


“The Little Miracles Trust is near and dear to our hearts. We continue to support them in their journey to make a difference in the lives of premature babies and their families.” 
                             – Steve Gianoutsos