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We’re grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time and donations to The Little Miracles Trust. This month we want to say particular thanks to Book Island Publishers as our Partner of the Month for March! 

Book Island produce high quality picture books that are wonderfully illustrated (see images below). From now until 15 March 2016, they will donate 35% of sales of books sold online to The Little Miracles Trust. How great is that?!
We want to provide more of this support to neonatal families.

 *** To get your hands on some wonderful new books and help out some of our smallest New Zealanders and their families, Buy now, from $20. ***

Reading to your baby is great 
It’s no secret to most people that reading is great for our brain development and our mental wellbeing. But what may not be quite so well known are the benefits of reading to babies. We have long advocated the benefits of reading to babies, so it’s fitting that they’ve helping us with this great campaign.

Our tiniest babies, those who are born early or unwell, benefit from being read to. Your baby has heard voices and sounds from inside the womb and continuing this will help both you and your baby. Even the smallest babies recognise the tone of voice and speech patterns of their families. Talking and reading to your baby while kangaroo cuddling is especially good as the vibrations through your chest assist with bonding and relaxation   This bonding is important for both parent and child – remember, babies pick up on many things and those who are happier tend to do better.  If your baby is not yet ready then you can still read to them in the incubator.

Whether it’s a book for a birthday, a departing gift for your creche, kindy or daycare or any reason at all, please check out These are truly wonderful books that have the bonus of helping out the smallest New Zealanders and their families.  Please share this story to help spread the word on this great initiative.


Some of the wonderful illustrations from just a few of the many books available:

Maia Paddock














The Big Question














The Rabbit and the Shadow