Baby Bundles donation with bearBabyBundles donates 30 Items of Merino to The Little Miracles Trust

The importance of keeping premature babies warm is imperative, and we’re lucky to be supported by BabyBundles – makers of quality merino clothing. The company, created by a Neonatal Dad (whose story can be found below) have once again supported us by donating 30 items of merino clothing to The Little Miracles Trust.
When winter officially arrived on the 1st of June, BabyBundles wanted to do something special to help out neonatal families. For every purchase of $100 or more, BabyBundles said they would donate a 100% pure merino singlet, t-shirt or pair of trousers to The Little Miracles Trust.  This type of donation is so valuable as it helps to support needy families with quality clothing to keep their babies warm and healthy. 

Not only is merino a valuable material for the babies we support, but it is also a brilliant way to keep those of any age warm throughout these colder winter months and also beyond.

The Little Miracles Trust are proud to sell BabyBundles wraps, blankets and sleeping bags on our website, and 100% of the profits made from these sales go back into The Trust. 

Direct links to the products are:

   BabyBundles 100% Merino Cot Blankets

   BabyBundles 100% Merino Bassinet Blanket

   BabyBundles 100% Merino Wrap

   BabyBundles Snuggle Wrap-Pod

   BabyBundles 100% Merino Winter Weight Sleeping Bag 3-24 months

The Little Miracles Trust would like to extend their sincere gratitude to BabyBundles for their ongoing support. 


BabyBundles was created and is run by a neonatal dad!    See below to read about the babies who inspired the company’s creation… 


The story behind BabyBundles creationMia & Drew in Wellington NICU

“It’s 26 degrees in the Wellington Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). I’m in shorts and a t-shirt, and Drew (2.6kg on the right) is visiting his twin Mia (1.8kg on the left).

Mia is dressed in 3 woollen clothing layers and 3 woollen blankets.  Underneath, she has an electric blanket that is on the minimum setting. Mia is only just maintaining her temperature at 37 degrees.  Soon she will be able to go home.  She just needs to get to 2kg in weight before being released from hospital.  

When Mia is discharged, the head charge nurse stresses the importance of keeping her warm at home and the benefits of woollen clothing (especially merino).

I immediately rush down to The Fabric Warehouse and buy several metres of black merino, as no other colour is available.  I rush to sew up some extra merino blankets and a small merino sleeping sack, just like the one used for premature babies in the Wellington NICU.  Work done, we now have enough blankets and sleeping bags to keep them warm.  But finding clothing to fit Mia in these early weeks will be a struggle.

Knowing that other parents will be finding it just as difficult finding affordable woollen clothing to fit their premature babies, the idea for BabyBundles was born.  Through BabyBundles I can now help parents keep their precious little ones warm from birth to 12 years old with a great range of merino wraps, sleeping bags and clothing.”

BabyBundles continue to support the NICUs and The Little Miracles Trust through supplying the Auckland and Wellington Trust shops with merino and through donating premature clothing made from offcuts.  In 2014, BabyBundles donated over 100 merino items to Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland – approx. $3,000 worth.  It has also sent about 80 more items to the Trust Shops in Auckland and Wellington.