Thanks to the wonderful support of volunteers and businesses, we were able to provide morning tea to every NICU, SCBU and NU across New Zealand. Here is a link to an album we have created on Facebook.  The link is public so even if you aren’t on Facebook you should be able to see the photos.

World Prematurity Day – Morning Teas

This celebration couldn’t have occured without the support of the following people: 

Whangarei SCBU

Brigida Whatt, Vickie Skudder and Regent Countdown

North Shore NSCU

Lana Sabin, Tammy Johnson and Jessica Lam

Waitakere SCBU

Kate Gatland, Nicola Seager and Eclypse Lee

Auckland NICU

Kelly Thompson, Damon Heileson, Marian Kirkpatrick, Amy Hewgill, Stacey Law, Travis McGrath and Jo Hogan from Bella Mama

Middlemore NICU

Nicola Seager, Jacqui Coleman and Victoria Landers

Waikato SBCU

Regina Marais

Tauranga SCBU

Sandi Lambert, Deb Watson, Rachel from Early Buds, and Kaimai Cafe

Rotorua SCBU

Sheryl Crase and her team of bakers from Rotorua General Practice Group

Whakatane SCBU

Hine Kotene

Gisborne NU

Julie Hollamby

Hawkes Bay SCBU

Amy Lynch and Bridget Ball

Taranaki NU

Philippa Gray

Palmerston North NU

Janelle Stretch, Brielle Stretch, Brooke Hopkins, TeRina Allan and members of the Manawatu Multiple Birth Club, and Cushla and Brandon from New World Aokautere

Wanganui SCBU

Jemma Huijs, Kate Osborne and Megan Smith

Wairarapa SCBU

Renae Turley, Janelle Reade and Juliet Curtis

Lower Hutt SCBU

Janine O’Styke, Neil O’Styke, Justine Brooker, Nicky Dawson, Jenn Gilbert, Cath Bailey, Raewyn Agnew, Jenny Hutchens

Wellington NICU

Rachel Hjert, Tasia Houtas, Dee Harris, Agnes Roberts, Toni Collins, Nancy Pak McIndoe and Willow, Becs Bear, Claire Elson, Claire Goodger, Tracey Grimes, Helen Sunderland and Lily

Nelson SCBU

Katrina Topp, Jenny Hennessy-O’Connell, Jarna Ballantyne and the wonderful NICU nurses

Grey Base Hospital

Anita Gillespie

Christchurch NICU

Sally Gregory

Timaru Hospital

Amy Mills, Nessa Blackler, Jatarna Brennan and Tamara Dyson

Dunedin NICU

Amber Haines, Stacey McGregor, Erin Blair, Katie Barber, Joanna Shanks, Kathryn Constable, Teena Joyce, Nesa Carline, Amy Stuart, Tracey Leishman, Siobhan White, Marie Burgess and Emma Fambam

Southland NU

Sandra Finnerty and Sharee Knapp