All I phone pics April 2014 008 (1024x765).jpgThe Little Miracles Trust in Auckland are excited by the arrival of 12 Symphony Medela Breast Pumps which can be rented out to mothers who are returning home with their baby. The Trust is very grateful for the generous support from the donors who have contributed to this project.

Breast milk is the most valuable source of nutrients and antibodies for all babies particularly our most vulnerable who are unable to feed, so these hospital grade machines are a necessity in the NICU environment.

Because of these breast pumps, mums are able to establish a regular milk supply using the Little Miracles Trust’s subsidised rental scheme. There is such a huge demand for this equipment as it’s continually exceeding availability.

All I phone pics April 2014 013 (1024x765).jpgIn the future, the Trust hopes to grow our supply of rental breastpumps, to ensure we can manage supply this vital equipment to all those who need it.

We always welcome engagement with private and corporate partners who would like to support us or contribute to our projects. If you would like to know more please contact us. If you are outside of Auckland and would be interested in helping fund this project in one of our other regions, please email us.