The lovely, lush Waikato makes for some beautiful scenery, but for many families with premmies or sick babies living in our rural towns, or for those finding themselves suddenly resident in Hamilton after an emergency admission into NICU, it can also make for difficult access to resources to take care of their new babies. The most essential of these resources is more often than not, access to a good quality, efficient and reliable breast pump to enable new mums to successfully express milk for their new-borns.

Group photo Waikato.jpgThe Little Miracles Trust in Waikato is therefore thrilled to be able to say a big thank you to The Cambridge Christmas Festival Society who have very generously donated three new Medela Symphony double breast pumps to the Trust for the use of new mothers, particularly those facing easy and frequent problems accessing NICU or those facing the financial challenges that often arise with multiple premmies.

The pumps have been fitted with a plaque acknowledging The Cambridge Christmas Festival Society’s very caring contribution to our wider Waikato community, and are now available for loan, through the Waikato NICU, to those families that need them most.

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