Huggies Little Snugglers Premature Nappies 30s (up to 3Kgs)

Huggies Premmie Nappies provide premature babies with a better and more comfortable fit. Recommended for Babies up to approximately 3kg.

Huggies Premmie Nappies feature a unique U-shaped ‘umbilical cord’ cut out with waistband pocket to help protect against leakages at the back with a wetness indicator that changes colour when wet.


  • Gentle, Comfortable Fit specially designed for premature babies up to approximately 3 kgs.
  • Unique U shaped umbilical cord cut out.
  • Pocketed back waistband to help with runny mess.
  • Wetness indicator that changes colour when wet.
  • Dry touch wetness liner.
  • Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free and Latex Free.
  • Gentle Absorb Liner.

To purchase these, head to our website and be sure to also look at our gorgeous Momento Packs (as seen below), specially designed as a keepsake for those who have been through a neonatal journey