Special thanks to Knit World who choose to support The Little Miracles Trust and have been busy helping promote the use of wool for neonatal babies.

This wee pile of beautiful woollen cardigans was recently delivered to the Wellington Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and where they’ll be greatly appreciated and used by some of New Zealands tiniest of Kiwis!

Did you know?  Neonatal babies are unable to properly regulate their body temperature in the same way as healthy and full-term babies. Non-breathable yarns such as synthetics and acrylics can trap moisture and cause babies to cool down rather than stay warm and dry. The use of wool is key to ensuring their body can focus on growing and developing.

Further information in regards to their promotion can be found on their website:  https://www.knitworld.co.nz/neo-natal-trust/

Or if you have woollen items you’d like to donate then please drop to any Knit World Shop or send them to
Knit World, PO Box 30645, Lower Hutt, 5040
or Knit World 62 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt 5010