Who would have thought being born early would make you an international star?  But that’s exactly what happened when Daisy-Mae Littles’ father began an online Facebook diary. Daisy-May Little was born 103 days premature at 25 weeks gestation, weighing in at just 1lb 14oz (850 grams).

Her parents Wayne and Jenny were concerned they wouldn’t be able to bring their little girl home from hospital so Mr Little began writing an online Facebook diary to update close family and friends. Mr Little said “My way of coping was to write a diary to her. A diary from your daddy to the little girl who couldn’t wait”. He then realised how concerned friends and family were and decided to write one on Facebook too as a way to update everyone.

It didn’t take long before thousands of people from all over the world were following Daisy-Mae’s rollercoaster of a journey. “We now had people from all over the world sending their thoughts and prayers which helped us to stay positive. I don’t know how we would’ve coped without them.”

After an emotional 13 weeks Mr and Mrs Little were able to bring their beautiful girl home. Daisy-Mae’s Facebook page had risen to more than 16,000 likes with Mr Little having written more than 100,000 words to his baby girl and her fan base.

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