We are excited to announce we now have more support for Waikato families! 

Jadey Drury is the newest member of The Little Miracles Trust team, becoming our Family Support Liaison for this region and will be based in the interview room of the neonatal intensive care unit every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-12noon. Her primary focus will be to support families by helping them in whatever way we can to get them through what is usually a very traumatic time and the room will be getting a little make over so it becomes a more inviting, comfortable space for parents to visit. Jadey.jpeg

There will be a weekly morning tea on Tuesdays to bring families together and give them the opportunity to build relationships with both The Trust and each other. Whilst Jadey is onsite she will have a few essentials with her that parents can purchase. This will include breast pumps, breast pads, expressing/ nursing bras, lactation cookies and our famous NICU Grad tees.

The Little Miracles Trust has the ability to source anything that the unit feels would be useful for parents to purchase onsite and will also be looking at giving the play area a fresh look so any ideas are more than welcome. One of our long term goals is to set up a Developmental play group which will have a developmental therapist present to enable us to support families after they leave NICU. We’ll also be investigating the possibility of a coffee group so parents can find support with other neonatal families as we know most parents unfortunately miss out on their antenatal circles.

Jadey is a mum of two and has experienced NICU first hand herself of which you can read her story here. She has lots of exciting ideas to bring to the unit and to the Waikato community and looks forward to ‘helping make a difficult start to life that little bit easier’.