Working with Baby Sensory, we’re pleased to announce a new support resource Postnatal Depression

Most mothers have days when they feel really down. This is perfectly normal. Looking after a baby, being constantly on call and coping with the daily demands of life is not easy. However, mothers who feel miserable most of the time may be suffering from postnatal depression, a debilitating illness that can spoil the experience of motherhood, interfere with the development of the mother-baby bond and put an immense strain on adult relationships.
The postpartum period is a critical time for the health of the mother. In some cultures, it is not uncommon for other women to look after the mother in the first few weeks after the birth. However, many mothers find themselves without support and with little or no experience in the practice of baby care. This puts the sole responsibility of looking after the baby and the household on the mother long before she is ready. Postnatal depression is a serious condition that can result in a great deal of suffering. It can take a long time to recover from the illness, but early treatment can reduce its severity.
This new resource goes into detail as to the causes, symptoms and treatment as it’s important to seek the right help early and is especially common with parents of neonatal babies.  

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