Working with Baby Sensory, we’re pleased to announce a new support resource “Tummy Time“.  This resource uses the research based material of Baby Sensory and follows the resource on ‘Essentials of Baby Play‘  

Did you know that Tummy time is an essential aspect of development from birth?  It promotes: 
• Healthy development of the central nervous system and brain 
• Strong neck, back and upper body muscles 
• Balance, coordination, stability and postural skills 
• Flat hand development, which increases precision finger and thumb movements 
• Rolling over 
• Visual development 
• Crawling – an essential developmental milestone not to be missed. 

If your baby finds being on his tummy physically uncomfortable, introduce tummy time gradually, two or three times a day for a few minutes. It will eventually become part of your baby’s daily routine and he will learn, play and practise essential head control movements in this position. Make sure your baby is safe and attended.

Read the full resource produce in conjunction with Baby Sensory here

These research based and practical resources join the other examples of support and education material that we’ve created (with the help of graduate parents of a NICU and/or SCBU). View our support resources here: 

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