Bryan grew his legendary “Chops” back in 2014 for the local Movember competition – which he won. He never got rid of them and they are kind of legendary or iconic to those around him that know him… even earning him the nickname of “Chopper” within the trucking community.

During some usual banter with friends the topic of his wooly mane and chops came up and he was asked if he would ever cut them – to which he clarified he would but only for charity.

He decided he would like to shave off both his hair and his chops for The Little Miracles Trust New Zealand – something very near and dear to our hearts.

Background behind ‘The Chop’

Kristy and Bryan’s daughter Eden was born at 33 weeks gestation due to Kristy being diagnosed with eclampsia, a life threatening condition which saw Kristy having four convulstions and a seizure, she also reqired a 3 night stay in the inteisve care unit at Southland Hospital.  One of the seizures broke her back and she later required spinal fusion.   

Eden was then placed in the Neonatal Unit at Southland hospital, requring an incubator for a week, all up she was in the unit for 3 weeks and under the Outreach team for 6 months.  

During their time, they met some pretty amazing people in the unit who’s journeys were incredible.  Upon leaving they became aware that some of the items which were in the unit were donated by The Little Miracles Trust and they realised that many people didn’t even know of The Little Miracles Trust’s existence, hence their goal is raise both funds and awareness for The Little Miracles Trust 

The day of the “chop” will be June 28th – exactly 2 years ago their little girl finally made her journey home from the Neonatal Unit to Gore.

See more details on their FB page here:Thanks_1.jpg

Link to their Givealittle page


Thank you! 

Kristy and Bryan – a massive thank you from all of us here at The Little Miracles Trust for all your support, we wish you all the very best with your upcoming ‘Chop’ and look forward to seeing the before and after photos! 

Our support

The support we provide is not possible without a huge number of supporters like Kristy and Bryan, their help enables us to provide more support to families undergoing the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey.  You can see just some of the ways we help in this gallery of examples

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