As written by mum Michelle

Wade was classed as being full term as he was only 2 weeks early, he was born at 38 weeks and he spent 6 days in NICU due to having wet lungs.received_1553213354714938.jpeg

It all started on the 3rd October, 2017 at 7:00am when I was being induced. They managed to break my waters by 10:00am and waited to see if I would go naturally, unfortunately that wasn’t the case so they had to start the Syntocinon to get labour started. It finally hit off and I was 10cm dilated by 8:30pm. I had a half an hour break to relax and reposition myself. By 9:12pm he was born at 11 pound 7 oz. He was placed on my chest but wasn’t crying properly, it sounded more like a gurgling noise. 

But then things started to go wrong, I was losing a lot of blood (I lost 1.5 litres) and Wade wasn’t breathing. I was rushed to theatre to find out why I was bleeding (I had a tear in my cervix needing 1 stitch), while my son was rushed to NICU. It was 3am by the time I was able to see him again. 

I was taken to NICU and when I went in to see him I burst into tears because of all the wires and monitors. The nurses and doctors were amazing and most of all my midwife Sheryl was an absolutely amazing lady! He was on CPAP for 4 days before he was strong enough to breathe by himself. Once he was able to breathe without assistance we had to get the feeding sorted before they would allow him to be discharged. One of his kidneys was dilated also, so while in NICU they were monitoring that. 

Wade still has appointments for his kidney as it has not gone down or gotten better but he is now a healthy 8 month old and hasn’t required any more assistance from machines or hospital.

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