As written by Campbell


When Laura and I found out we were bringing home a special souvenir from our European travels, we were so excited and looking forward to the challenge that parenthood would provide. We had never expected we could potentially Campbell Munro cuddles.jpghave a premature birth, so when Laura started getting very swollen legs and other symptoms of pre-eclampsia it came as quite a surprise!

We were quickly rushed to the hospital where we were looked after really well.  Fast forward a few days and little Macgregor James Munro was born at 28 weeks gestation.

Once we had gotten over the initial shock of our son being born so prematurely, we knew we were in a team of good hands in the Dunedin Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  Along with the support we were given from The Little Miracles Trust, we knew we would be able to get through this tough time.

Our time in the unit lead me to want to give back to such a great organisation.  I plan on doing so by raising funds/getting sponsored to run the Dunedin marathon on the 9th of September. I hope to complete what will be my very first marathon in under 4 hours and raise as much money as possible for The Little Miracles Trust.

It will be a tough journey but I have some great motivation to help keep me going!

Visit Campbells Givealittle page and support his efforts here: 

Aotea Electric
As part of Campbells’ fundraising, he is being sponsored by various people and businesses around Dunedin and New Zealand.  These include his workplace Aotea Electric. 

Campbell Munro (4) smaller.jpgThanks for the support Campbell

Our HUGE and sincere thanks to Campbell for fundraising for The Little Miracles Trust. 

So great to see the skin-to-skin Kangaroo cuddles in action in the photo above!  We’re big advocates of Kangaroo cuddles – recently sending the Dunedin NICU hard copies of this resource plus books to encourage reading to your baby.  These were sent with our Mother’s Day ‘Pick-me-up’ packs. It’s examples like this, along with enabling research (and more) that Campbells efforts will support.