Nappy Momento Pack

Do you want to have a tangible reminder of just how small your baby was? 
Perhaps something to show at their 21st?

Nappy Momento PackThe perfect addition to your baby keepsakes, The Little Miracles Trust ‘Nappy Momento Pack’ provides a special visual tool to illustrate just how small your baby was at birth. Click here to buy it.

The ‘Nappy momento pack’ includes:

  • A ‘Nano Premmie’ nappy, for babies up to 900g
  • A ‘Micro Premmie’ nappy, for babies up to 1.8kg
  • A ‘Premmie’ nappy, for babies up to 3kg
  • A ‘Newborn’ nappy, for babies born full-term / over 3kg. This provides the context of size for the other nappies.

The nappies come in a natural coloured drawstring bag (size: 18cm x 23cm). This is 100% Biodegradable calico cotton bag manufactured in a SEDEX certified facility. Our thanks to the great team at A1 Embroidery who helped with the logo on the bag.

This is a fundraiser for The Little Miracles Trust and will enable more of our support.
The packs are available for $25.00, including postage within New Zealand. (Rural delivery an additional $3.70). Click here to buy it.

If you want a PDF on this to print, save or send to someone else, you can find it here.

Just how small are these nappies?

See below for a Nano Premmie nappy next to a standard pen!

Huggies nappy and red pen

Bringing these to New Zealand

Learn more about Huggies bringing these tiny nappies to New Zealand here:


Thanks Huggies!

Thanks Huggies!Our thanks goes to Huggies for supporting this fundraiser. Huggies produce the Nano nappies and have made these available to all neonatal units in New Zealand.

About these special nappies, in their words:

Huggies believes in leaving no baby unhugged, so this inspired us to create our tiniest nappy yet – the Nano Premmie Nappy.

Specially designed and developed in partnership with neonatal nurses, after extensive research and interviews with medical professionals and neonatal therapists, we designed a nappy for premature babies under 900 grams – providing the optimal fit for healthy growth development. Our Nano Premmie Nappies allow premmies to grow in comfort while accommodating for medical leads and tubes in the incubator.

Our Nano Premmie Nappy also features specially-sized fasteners and a narrow pad for more flexibility.