When Chantelle’s husband gave her a knitting machine for Christmas, she didn’t realise quite how handy it would be!  Chantelle had always loved hand knitting, sewing and anything creative but recently she’s busy using her new machine for good by making beanies for Dunedins Neonatal Unit.Chantelle and knitted beanies

Chantelle is a Visual Merchandiser for Farmers. However at the start of this year she injured her knee and had to cut back her hours at work. Still wanting to be productive, even while resting her knee, she figured what better way to use up some old wool with making some hats!  The first lot of hats she made she kindly donated to Foster Hope Otago.  Once this was completed, she put a post on Facebook asking for donations of wool as the next charity she wanted to support was The Little Miracles Trust.  Her lovely friends came forward and donated a pile of wool which kept her busy creating 40 beanies for NICU! 
The Little Miracles Trust was also able to send down 100% Alpaca wool to Chantelle, this thanks to the wonderful support of Douglas Pharmaceuticals. Read more about their support here.
“The hats are fun and easy to make and I know they are very much appreciated which makes it even more enjoyable and very rewarding”
Thanks so much for volunteering your time and skills Chantelle! 

Did you know?

Wool is a beautiful natural fibre that importantly is breathable (unlike synthetics and acrylics, which can cause a baby to sweat and overheat).  Babies born early cannot regulate their own body heat and the use of wool is key to ensuring their body can focus on growing and developing.
Would you like to know more about the benefits of knitting and/or help volunteer your skills?  Head here to find out more details