Mojo_Have-a-heart_Cookies 2018Not only do Mojo source and roast the best coffee, they are wonderful supporters of the community. . . 


The Little Miracles Trust and Mojo have teamed up to sell ‘Have a Heart’ cookies in May – the month of Mothers Day! 

Packaged up as a 2 cookie treat, the tasty Gingerbread cookies are available for $4.00 from the first of May. The heart shaped cookies come with icing in 2 different colours – pink and blue like our logo. All proceeds go to The Little Miracles Trust to continue our support of neonatal families and their babies. Examples of our support can be seen here  

 *** Get down to your local Mojo to grab yours! ***

Here’s some context on the wonderful team and organisation that is Mojo:
   – Profile on Steve Gianoutsos, via our good friends One Percent Collective: 
“The Little Miracles Trust is near and dear to our hearts. We continue to support them in their journey to make a difference in the lives of premature babies and their families.” 
                             – Steve Gianoutsos
MOJO – great supporters for over a decade

The ‘Have a Heart’ cookie campaign continues the wonderful support The Little Miracles Trust have received from Mojo – who have supported us for over a decade.  Their support of The Little Miracles Trust includes (but certainly is not limited to):

  • Use of their venues and meeting rooms for our meetings and workshops
  • Supporting our fundraising efforts at events
  • Coffee and prize packs for use as prizes

We love to support those who help us. So:     
 * Make sure you enjoy your morning beverage at a Mojo cafe (well, anytime of the day really)
 * If you have a business, or enjoy coffee at home, check out their subscription delivery service:

Thanks Mojo!