When Michaela found out she was 20 weeks pregnant, it was a huge shock, but nothing prepared her for what was to come.  Just two weeks later, her waters broke, two weeks after then and Michaela was staring at her beautiful but tiny daughter Anatia.  

BellyfulAnatia’s extreme prematurity meant she needed a 4 month stay in NICU and whilst she is now home, juggling a premature baby with high needs and two other children isn’t easy.  That’s where the great team at Bellyful came in.   They’ve been delivering the family pre-prepared meals to help alleviate the stress.   

Thanks to One Percent Collective, you can read the full story here:  ​www.onepercentcollective.org/stories/keeping-the-plates-spinning 

Michaela is just one of the many families travelling a neonatal journey who are supported by Bellyful.  If you haven’t heard of them, they provide meals for families with newborn babies and families with young children who are struggling with illness. Neonatal families often get supported by Bellyful for a variety of reasons and we are extremely grateful for the assistance they provide. 


One Percent CollectiveThe Little Miracles Trust is proud and privileged to be supported by One Percent Collective and the great news is that Bellyful are now too!   Working together and being supported by One Percent Collective, The Little Miracles Trust and Bellyful are aiming to help more families in need.  

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**Thank you to Bellyful for supporting neonatal families and helping us make that difficult start to life that little bit easier.

*** Sharing great stories like this is fantastic for raising awareness of the support out there