We’re grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time and donations to The Little Miracles Trust. This month we want to say particular thanks to The Body Shop as our Partner of the Month for April!
We currently have the privilege of having ‘Action stations’ in all of their retail stores in New Zealand for the period 13 March to 23 April 2017. Check out photos of some of these below! Get into one of their stores, support them, and check them out in person.
They’re also supporting us with content on their website and helping us raise awareness.
This follows their wonderful support helping our fundraising by providing gift baskets as well as helping with items for the goodie bags for the PwC Charity Relay participants.
The Body Shop Anita Roddick Quote Their supportive approach should come as no surprise, given the drive and ethos they have had from their founder:

“The business of business should not just be about money, it should be about responsibility. It should be about public good not private greed.”
Dame Anita Roddick. Human Rights Activist. Founder of The Body Shop
The Little Miracles Trust is very proud and thankful to have the support of The Body Shop

Images of some of the instore ‘Action stations’:

Cuba Street Action stationGlenfield The Body ShopThe Body Shop Action StationThe Body Shop Dunedin