We’re extremely grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time, support and donations to The Little Miracles Trust.

A consistent theme encountered space is the special people involved in the care of neonatal babies, the wider support of the families and the supporters and volunteers who make it happen. We’re saying a special thanks to 12Mrt, a year 12 class from Otago Girls High School who ran a fundraiser for The Little Miracles Trust for their community action project.

In August they created a pizza and hot chocolate fundraiser ‘incubate against winter’. Buying pizzas for $5.00 and selling them for $8.00, plus selling hit chocolate for $3.00, they raised a wonderful $190.10 for supporting the Otago Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). On top of this, it was great to have increased awareness of the NICU and neonatal care from the project – as fliers were provided and handed out.

Supporter Profile: 12Mrt, Otago Girls High School

Why did you select The Little Miracles Trust as the charity to support?  
We thought NICU wasn’t recognised enough and you deserved more support for what you do and there is a girl in our class who was a NICU baby and she felt like she needed to give back. 
When you ran the activity, what comments did you get around the fact you were supporting The Little Miracles Trust?  
When we said they were supporting NICU they responded with “whats that” and when we fully explained what it was the recognised it and thought what an amazing cause it was to support. On the day we gave out flyers with the story about Cameron and his family, people thought this story was really good. I believe these flyers made people more understanding of NICU.
How many people were involved in the fundraiser?
Our whole class of 25 was involved including our teacher. We each had little jobs to do to work towards the big job of raising money for you.
What did you learn from the process / what advice would you give others?
I would tell others that when the organisation gets stressful just think about how you are supporting an organisation that helps people everyday. We learnt about communication between the teacher and members of the class and how important leadership is when organising an event.
What was the best part of running the fundraiser?
The best part was not only raising money but bonding with the class.  People got to work with people that they haven’t even talked to before.   On the day seeing so many people lining up for pizza and hot chocolate was overwhelming to see the support members of the school have for NICU. Knowing that we, as a class, made that happen was really uplifting.

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