Plimmerton Inner Wheel

The Little Miracles Trust were delighted to have been selected by the Plimmerton Inner Wheel to benefit from their local fundraiser ‘Wild Sunday’ earlier in 2015. It was a fantastic event that was enjoyed by all with a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The genuine interest in the support we provide and the area we operate in was great. Also, in talking to many of the guests it was a very real reminder of how many people are touched by, or know someone who has had, a neonatal experience.

In April we were lucky enough to attend the Plimmerton Inner Wheel meeting where The Little Miracles Trust was delighted to receive a cheque for $3,522.59 from Wild Sunday! In the picture to the right, Debbie Howard from the Plimmerton Inner Wheel presents the cheque.
To the Plimmerton Inner Wheel, your donation has helped make a difficult start to life that little bit easier.  Our huge thanks also go to all of the volunteers and supporters who made the day happen. The Little Miracles Trust and neonatal families are extremely grateful for this.  We couldn’t exist without the wonderful people and organisations like you who support us.

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Plimmerton Inner Wheel recently reached the milestone of 25 years of age. They write:

“The founding Principles of Friendship, Personal service and International Understanding have stood us in good stead to find a voice and a place within our local communities. Personal Service has long been an attribute of the club and being able to support The Little Miracles Trust through a fun fundraising Wild Food Day was very special.  Our relationship with The Little Miracles Trust has grown over the years and we continue to be impressed at the commitment, honesty and deep level of genuine care that the Trust has for those they are supporting.”

Inner Wheel began in 1924 in England and is now operating in 103 countries worldwide, with a membership of over 100,000. Inner Wheel is represented within United Nations on issues to do with the Economic and Social Council, and on a worldwide basis the International theme, supporting ‘Happier Futures for Children Now’, is the basis on which they work to help fund raise and support organisations like The Little Miracles Trust.