25 weeks 2 days, 800g

Meet Hallie, a 25+2 weeker who turned two on 14 April (she should have been 2 on the 26th July!)

Her Mum, Belinda, wanted to share so others can see little babies can turn out perfectly healthy and to not be scared. Hallie2.JPG

“I was overwhelmed with negative information after Hallie was born and when googled 25 weekers, when all I wanted were some success stories!  Hallie was born at 800g and is now 9.5kg (still wearing size 0 but just means she gets more wear out of her clothes!).  She has great eye sight from what we can tell and can hear a chocolate bar being opened from across the house! She learnt to crawl in time for her first birthday and was walking by around 18 months (15 months corrected). She can say a few words but understands most things we say to her!

She’s a bright wee button and it turns out I had nothing to be so worried about back when I did my google search the day after she was born…”

Here’s a couple of photos to see the big girl she’s turned into….

Hallie3 (2).jpgHallie1.PNG