Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew recently shared the tormenting story of her newborn’s health scare, as her baby daughter had to spend nearly two weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit.
The actress and her husband Peter Lanfer welcomed new daughter Hannah Mali Rose three weeks premature on December 3rd. 
The premature birth wasn’t without complications, and the baby girl was forced to spend her first 11 days in the hospital.
Drew tells People magazine, “Her lungs were not totally ready to be outside of the womb which led to an infection, plus she had issues with blood sugar because I had gestational diabetes.
“It’s the worst thing in the world because you go into the hospital and you expect to leave with your baby. We didn’t know how long she would have to be there.”
Fortunately, Hannah was eventually well enough to leave the hospital, and Drew is back in the routine of living a hectic life with a baby at home once again.
She says, “It’s wonderful, but I’m constantly breastfeeding. I haven’t had a date with my husband in months and I haven’t had any time for myself yet, so I’m hoping to make a shift soon in that department.”
Drew and Lanfer are also parents to two-year-old son, Micah Emmanuel.
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