Each year we try to do something special for those families whose babies are celebrating their first Christmas in a NICU.  Here are some details of the way Christmas was celebrated in 2014:


The Auckland NICU was transformed into an amazing Hansel and Gretel Wonderland by Debbie Eade and the wonderful NICU team.  Here are a few pictures including one of a NICU graduate and his siblings handing out chocolate goodies provided by Whittakers.  Thanks Whittakers!

Christmas Image 3 NICU Reception.jpgChristmas Image 4 NICU Reception.jpg

Christmas Image 2.jpgChristmas Image 7.jpgChristmas Image 5.jpg


Each family received a card with Christmas greetings and a lolly bag of red chocolate filled jaffas and a Christmas tree decoration on the front These went into a pack of gifts for each baby.



We had some lovely blankets for Christmas gifts for the babies.  Rachel who works in our Wellington office popped in to wish everyone a merry Christmas.  She said that he babies and the NICU looked amazing.  There were decorations up and all the babies were in red, white and/or green and with Christmas quilts.  The nurses had gone to town too with Christmas scrubs.  It was such a lovely feel that day.  Here are a few pictures from Wellington:



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