As a charitable organisation, in a world where many other worthy groups are also looking for continued public assistance, we are nothing if not for the continued support of our volunteers, sponsors and donors. Without you we would not be able to accomplish any of the good work that we are able to do. So we would like to take this opportunity to send out a special THANK YOU to everyone that has so generously stood behind The Little Miracles Trust in Waikato over the past year – we think you are all just AWESOME!
To our long-standing supporters at Kids at Home, we owe a huge debt of thanks for their continued help in keeping the craft and scrap-booking supplies at the NICU well stocked, as well as in helping to fund supplies for daily breakfasts and lunches for those mothers in the NICU who need them.
A huge thank you to Farley Stent, who, for the second year, has supported The Little Miracles Trust in Waikato with her fundraising efforts through selling the very popular Waikato Entertainment Book. Farley’s efforts have helped us to assist the NICU with the funds to host a weekly breakfast get together for all whanau in the NICU. This is an invaluable opportunity for all those ‘in the same boat’ to share their stories with each other, to offer support, and in many cases to form long-term friendships.
To all of the lovely folk who give their time and skills to knit for us and provide beautiful hats, booties and clothing for our NICU babies – thank you! Your efforts are often the first items of clothing that these little ones will wear, as well as beautiful home-crafted items for them to wear in their first months at home.
Where would we be without cupcakes and home-baking?! To The Girl on the Swing, a very sweet thank your for your bi-monthly support at out NICU talks, but especially for putting your hand up to give back to our community in the yummiest way possible with your weekly nominations for local charities to receive your delicious cupcakes and fudge! Our waistlines may have suffered but you have made many hearts and tummies extremely happy! Also a very big thank you to everyone who has been so generous with their time and ovens providing baking on a daily and weekly basis, as well as those who provided delicious goodies for everyone in the NICU on World Prematurity Day.
To The Warehouse at The Base, and to everyone who has shopped there and used their plastic bag token to vote for The Little Miracles Trust in Waikato, thank you so much for your support! Your generosity has helped us to buy breast pumps and to provide meals for mothers, especially those in rural areas who when journeying daily to and from the NICU often leave home without the nutritious breakfast or a packed lunch necessary for both their own health and wellbeing but which also allows them to keep up a steady supply of breast-milk that can so often be vital for their sick or premature new-borns. Thank you!
Behind the scenes of who and what we are, there are many more people who go above and beyond the call of duty in helping us, but who wish to remain anonymous. To all of you who have made donations, left us bequests, given of your time and myriad of talents, we cannot begin to express sufficiently our gratitude, you are in fact ‘Simply the Best’!! 
Thank you so much to all of you, we appreciate your efforts more thank you may realise!