To celebrate Christmas 2014, the Trust in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington held wonderful Christmas parties to celebrate NICU graduates and to thank supporters of the Trust.  Here are a few details of the events. 


In Dunedin, a great party was had at the A& P Showgrounds on Sunday 14 December.  There were bouncy castles, pony rides, farm animals and of course Santa!  Here are some pictures:  

Dunedin Xmas 4.jpgDunedin Xmas 2.jpgDunedin Xmas 3.jpgDunedin Xmas.jpg


In Wellington, the Trust had an amazing day with well over 150 people attending our party.  We were very very lucky with the weather (although after the amazing summer that we have been having it seems hard to remember back in November when the weather wasn’t so settled!).

This year Father Christmas was delivered in a Delorian, which was very exciting for everyone who was old enough to remember the Back To The Future movies, and for some of the kids who are really into cool looking cars.  This was very kindly driven by the owner Trevor who gave up his Saturday morning for the very important delivery job.

We had a wonderful catch up with all the families who we have touched throughout this year and in the past.  It is always amazing to see how all our wonderful graduates are doing.

Here are some pictures of the Wellington party.

FullSizeRender.jpgIMG_1379 (2).jpg


The Canterbury Trust held a lovely afternoon at St Martin’s Church, Lincoln Road on Sunday 14 December .  A great day was had by everyone.


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