the-breeze-logo.jpgOur thanks go to The Breeze who ran a stand at the Woman’s Expo in Wellington in August.  They raised a great $708.00 for The Little Miracles Trust Wellington. We are going to use the money to get create a new NICU Parent Libraray for our parents library of books to read to their babies. Amazing effort guys, thank you very much for the support!

**Update:  Our Library is ready!!***


Special thanks to Room 4 at St Patrick’s School in Paraparaumu.  Each year St Patrick’s School holds a mini gala to raise funds for worthwhile causes in New Zealand.  Each class is allowed to allocate $200 to a cause and Room 4 chose us as one of their students spent nine weeks in the Wellington NICU 10 and a half years ago.  We used these funds to purchase some books for the library. Thank you also to those NICU graduates who donated their favourite books.


Reading to your baby is great for bonding.

Your baby has heard voices and sounds from inside the womb and continuing this will help both you and your baby. Even the smallest babies recognise the tone of voice and speech patterns of their families. The reading can be done when kangaroo cuddling, but if your baby is not yet ready then you can still read to them in the incubator.

Talking and reading to your baby while kangaroo cuddling is especially good as the vibrations through your chest assist with bonding and relaxation   This bonding is important for both parent and child – remember, babies pick up on many things and those who are happier tend to do better.  

To learn more about Kangaroo cuddles, you can read our earlier article here.