NICU receives feeding pumps.jpgIn October 2013, The Little Miracles Trust (Wellington) held a Spring Prom to raise funds for new equipment in the Wellington NICU.  The funds raised went towards the purchase of new feeding pumps in the Wellington NICU.  We are excited to report that the new pumps arrived in June!

In the picture to the right, the NICU team receive the new feeding pumps. From left to right: Neil O’Styke, Rosemary Escott and Jenny Gower.

The new pumps are Alaris enteral syringe pumps, provided by CareFusion.  The Alaris feeding pump is used when a baby requires their feed to be given steadily over a set time frame.  There are various medical reasons why this may be required. Babies in the NICU require regular and accurate feeds to help meet nutritional requirements and maintain blood glucose levels and if that feed is required to be delivered via a feeding pump these dedicated pumps from Alaris will be used. If a baby is requiring feeds via the Alaris feeding pump it will be being used 6 to 12 times per day depending on the frequency of the babies feeds. 

The new Alaris feeding pumps were needed because the pumps the Wellington NICU were using are no longer made therefore are now phasing out of circulation.

Thank you to all the people and businesses who donated goods and services for the set up and running of the October 2013 Prom, thus ensuring that ticket proceeds went towards the purchase of the pumps.  Also, our thanks go to all those people and businesses who donated items for the charity auction.  Finally, thank you to all those who came to the Spring Prom and supported The Little Miracles Trust.

Alaris Feeding Pumps.jpg