Aroha is often translated as “Love”, but the full meaning of the word encompasses all of the five senses, the ego and also intellect, and cannot be contained in just one word. In Maori, aroha encompasses the breath of life and the creative force of the spirit, and it assumes that the universe is abundant and that there are more opportunities than people. It seeks and draws out the best in people, it rejects greed, aggression and ignorance and instead encourages actions that are generous. S_E_Chrissi_NICU_crop waikato.jpg

This is the lesson that Sophie Harris and Emalee Doake from Hukanui Primary School recently learned and took home from school. But, instead of just learning the lesson, they decided to put on their thinking hats and turn their own brand of aroha on in their community.

With ‘generosity of spirit and selfless giving to others, without thought or expectation of reward’ in mind, these two beautiful young ladies rolled up their sleeves, put on their aprons and got baking! The result, two enormous baskets of yummy goodies, hand-delivered to the Waikato NICU, for the new mums and dads there to enjoy.

The Little Miracles Trust, Waikato and the Waikato NICU would like to sincerely thank both Sophie and Emalee, and their mums, for showing us the true meaning of aroha!