The Little Miracles Trust is delighted to announce that we are partnering with WaterWipes – the World’s purest baby wipe.

WaterWipes New Zealand is helping The Little Miracles Trust raise awareness of the potentially harmful chemicals in other baby wipes. WaterWipes are manufactured by Irish Breeze, an Irish company which has been manufacturing cotton wool and personal hygiene products from its base in Drogheda, Co Louth since 1993.

Irish Breeze spent several years researching and testing, in conjunction with internationally renowned microbiologists and toxicologists, to develop the perfect baby wipe.

The result is DermaH20 WaterWipes – a revolutionary new product in the baby wipes market.

Patented technology has allowed Irish Breeze to develop the world’s purest and mildest baby wipes, containing only 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. DermaH20 WaterWipes contain none of the chemicals and synthetic additives found in other baby wipes.

WaterWipes say that “few parents realise that there are chemicals in baby wipes – but they should. It’s their right to know what they’re really using on their baby. 
They could be cleaning their child’s delicate skin up to 20 times a day with wipes containing harsh chemical ingredients. We want to raise awareness of this issue and we’re calling it The Great Bottom Campaign

As part of the new partnership with WaterWipes, they are providing the Trust with a supply of WaterWipes for the Trust to distribute to parents in our NICUs for which we are very grateful! Parents can help that support by clicking on ‘Like’ on WaterWipes NZ Facebook page: So tell family and friends to get clicking and help make a difference to our little miracles!

WaterWipes are for sale at most Countdown stores and selected New World supermarkets. 

Michael Meads

Chief Executive

The Little Miracles Trust

14 February 2012