The Little Miracles Trust administers donations to assist whānau facing hardship, working in partnership with neonatal intensive care and special care baby units to make informed decisions. We use the following list to guide decision-making, alongside information from the unit team:
  • Whānau impacted by severe financial hardship in more than one area (e.g. food, travel, loss of wages) AND/OR no other support in Aotearoa AND/OR home location
  • Length of stay in the unit (longer lengths of stay may be given higher priority)
  • Involvement of other agencies of support and care already required by the whānau (e.g. WINZ, National Travel Assistance, Oranga Tamariki)
  • Complexity of baby’s case
Please complete the online form yourself, or with support from a Social Worker or Little Miracles Trust Family Support Coordinator.
You can fill out our online form by following the Apply Now link below or download a copy in PDF format here.

In 2024 the New Zealand Lotteries Grant Board COGS scheme and Woolworths NZ are supporting the Little Miracles Trust hardship support initiative. Woolworths NZ gives millions each year to community groups, both in cash and value of food, focused on Food for Good. As part of that, Woolworths NZ is supporting the Little Miracles Trust by providing $50,000 worth of gift cards to enable whānau to buy food and other necessities while their baby is in intensive care.

The Trust is committed to providing the best possible services to families. By applying, each whānau agrees they may be contacted to take part in a voluntary, anonymous, confidential feedback survey. Feedback received will be used to guide improvement to future services.

Please note that regional allocations will vary according to grants received across the year.  It is our intention that the decision made by The Trust is communicated to all involved in a timely manner.

The Little Miracles Trust is committed to maintaining privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.  See how we manage personal information here,  and our full hardship policy can be found here.

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