As told by mum Vanessa

Last year’s Mother’s Day held an extraordinary significance for me—it was my first as a mother. 

My son, born prematurely at 27 weeks and 1 day, weighing just 634 grams, was nothing short of a miracle. Throughout my pregnancy, we braced ourselves for potential lifelong challenges for him, if he even survived.

Holding him in my arms on that special day, I watched his tiny form closely, his vital signs wavering on the monitors. With every gentle touch, he would rally again, defying the odds like the warrior he was in the NICU.

For 100 days, our world revolved within the walls of the hospital, the outside world fading into insignificance. But now, seeing him thriving, healthy, and happy, motherhood has exceeded all my dreams and expectations.

We owe immense gratitude to the support of Little Miracles Trust and the exceptional team at Wellington NICU who guided us through every step of our journey.

To all who were part of our story, we are forever thankful.


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