As told by mum, Jessica

My name is Jessica and my identical twin boys Archie and Luca arrived via emergency c-section 10 weeks early.

Archie was very keen to make an entrance and decided that 4am on a Friday morning at 29w6d was a great time to break his water.  We managed to stop labour and administer 2 steroid shots 24 hours apart. 

My husband Kieran and I weren’t sure what to expect, however the lovely staff at Auckland Hospital did a great job at keeping our minds at ease. 

On Sunday (30 weeks), Kieran spent the day keeping me company and had only just got home when I started to have some pain and Archie became tachycardic. The doctors suspected I had developed an infection and as such the decision was made to have an emergency c-section. Kieran made it to the hospital as I was being wheeled off to the theatre prep room. Although I was very nervous, the staff were very reassuring and comforting. 

Meeting our boys for the first time
First cuddles

Archie Wooley Berry arrived at 1901 weighing 1580g and Luca Wooley Berry arrived at 1904 weighing 1350g. They were both whisked off to NICU with their dad in tow. Once my surgery was over, I got to meet my beautiful boys for the first time. It was pretty overwhelming being wheeled into the NICU and seeing all the wires and machines they were hooked up to, especially the breathing support (CPAP), however, I knew our boys were being well looked after. 

Luca left, Archie right at 1month
First family photo & twin cuddles 6 days old
First family walk down the ward

We spent 2 weeks at Auckland NICU before being transferred to Waitakere SCBU where we spent a further 8 weeks. Archie spent 5 weeks on respiratory support and Luca spent 7 weeks. Our 10 weeks in hospital was an emotional roller coaster with lots of unexpected twists and turns. No words can express our thanks and gratitude to the NICU & SCBU nurses. They were so amazing and supportive throughout all the tough moments and the exciting ones too! 

I am happy to report that Archie and Luca are thriving and loving life! You wouldn’t be able to tell that they had such an eventful start to life!

Six months old – Luca in white shirt, Archie in black shirt

***** Thanks so much for sharing Jess *****

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