Hi my name is Ali-Rose and I arrived 8 weeks early on the 11th of November 2021 at Wellington Hospital. My mummy lost my amniotic fluid at 31 weeks, I decided I had enough to stay in there for 6 more days, then I decided I was ready. I wasn’t meant to arrive until January 7th 2022, I just wanted to meet my mum ok?

I weighed 1669 grams (a bit bigger then my little friends in the neonatal), I came out all natural, I was breathing all on my own and I cried too! The NICU doctors and nurses, put me on CPAP, but before I was whisked away, I got to snuggle my mummy.

My Mummy and I had opposing blood types, I am positive and Mummy is negative, so I had to have antibiotics and I was in intensive care for 7 days, I was doing so well, my Mummy was able to hold me on my 3rd day of life.

This is me in the incubator, as you can see I am quite bonny but I was still very tiny, I was suffering from jaundice and I wasn’t really a fan of the goggles, even though I am so small here, I tried very hard to take them off my face.

My NICU nurse Olivia sent my Mummy this picture of me on my 7th day of life, I was very alert and this was a big surprise to everyone in the unit. This is also the first time, I came off the CPAP and had all of my headgear off!

The next few pictures are of me after my first bath which I really enjoyed on the 19th of November and my last day at NICU Wellington on 5th December! I was then transferred up to Taranaki Base hospital to spend a further few weeks there.

On the 16th of December 2021 after 5 weeks total in Neonatal care, I was discharged to my mum and got to go home!

This is me now! Nobody, really knows why, I arrived so early, delivered naturally and suffering from no ongoing health conditions but I’m doing really well and I’m happy to be here!

Thank you to all of the amazing NICU and NNU staff at both Wellington and Taranaki hospital’s, my Mummy and my Whanau, are very grateful to you all for my amazing care!


Ali-Rose O’Sullivan

***** Thanks so much for sharing Ali-Rose*****

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