I had my baby Desiigner Te Rauwhero Steven Heitia born @ 30 weeks gestation weighing 1905 grams in Waikato Hospital in August 2021. On this day was the 19th anniversary of the passing of my great grandmother & members of my family saw this as rebirth.

During this time was really hard for me because the COVID levels had JUST changed which restricted the amount of visitors coming into NICU with only the parents of the baby aloud too visit. During the 50 days my baby stayed in NICU his father was incarcerated at the time so for his whole stay it was only I that went to visit him & that took its toll on my mentality with raising a 1yr old solo & now having a newborn in NICU was by far the greatest struggle.

He was our rainbow baby, on October 28th of last year I miscarried & soon after miscarrying our baby (Takumanawa) I fell pregnant with my baby & quickly so much thoughts of confusion & pain came with this pregnancy as my partner & I were still mourning the death of our angel baby girl. But when my baby was born premature I instantly went into protection mode cause my heart just couldn’t take another loss.

After having my baby I had ultrasounds & observations done & was told all my pregnancies will come with high risks which is the reason I always have complications & have early births.

I consider both my boys too be little fighters as the odds we’re stacked against them both when my oldest tried coming early at 20weeks I had to undergo emergency surgery to close my cervix & with having my 2nd born premature at 30 weeks I believe I birthed 2 little soujahz.

Today my baby boy is STRONG &HEALTHY & a happy little boy & I couldn’t be more proud of the progress he’s made xx

Just want to also say a massive Thank You to the amazing team at NICU Waikato Hospital who helped me with learning to Breastfeed, that cared for my son when I would leave the hospital late at night, who gave me confidence to care for a newborn again, who lifted my spirits when I was overwhelmed with emotions, it wouldn’t have been possible without you all & your amazing support so thank you xx