As told by mum Maegan.

I never knew much about neonatal units or anything!  My work mate went through it but I never looked into it until one day at 25 weeks gestation I went to the midwife with pain and soon found out I was fully dilated.  The midwife said a helicopter is on its way your baby is coming!

A healthy little boy arrived that evening, 930grams with a long road ahead!!   Lincoln was on 12 different medication including calories to help him gain weight, had blood transfusions, respiratory support, and more!

There were loads of overwhelming emotions, being away from my husband and staying at what was my new “home”.  The nurses kept me company 24hours a day and I felt incredibly lucky to have made such an amazing connection with them.

The team at neonatal unit were awesome and explained everything to me what was going on, what might be expected and they even went out of their way to send me photos of our wee man when I had to go home for a night. But I just felt lost, nowhere felt like home for 13 weeks.

Finally, after 90 tough scary days we brought our wee man home!

If I have any advice to give to others it would be;

  • To take each hour/day as it comes,
  • Try not to think about the weeks coming,
  • Set little goals but don’t push it
  • Try not to get your hopes up too high, that’s one thing I did and it broke my heart each time something never happened
  • Try to sleep as much as you can
  • Eat and keep up the pumping ………and remember it’s will all be in our wee miracles time, so they will achieve things when they want to 💗

It’s been one crazy rollercoaster but we have come out stronger as a family💙