We’re pleased to announce there’s now a group for neonatal dads!

Held every fortnight at 6pm on Tuesday evening at Wellington NICU, you’ll find Darcy Stott, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner host a “NICU Dads Coffee and Catch Up” in the Parent Lounge.

Be sure to check our Facebook page for the fortnightly reminders.

Huge thanks to Darcy for doing this as we know the journey is hard for Dad as well as Mum

Tips for Dads

Becoming a new dad can bring joy but fathers often have a difficult role when their baby is born sick or prematurely. The experience can leave dads feeling torn juggling the demands of their new baby/babies, partner and other children while still having to deal with other financial responsibilities. You may feel many mixed emotions after the birth and worry for your baby and partner as this is not how you expected the journey to begin.

Whilst we recognise everyone is different, and react to stress differently, here are a few tips from other dads who have travelled this journey.