As told by NICU Graduate, Kate

My journey began when I was born in the Wellington Hospital 3 months early, missing the lower portion of my right leg and having only eight  fingers, my life began a little rough.

My Mum Karen was diagnosed with Amniotic Band Syndrome in the early stages of her pregnancy. Amniotic Band Syndrome is when little spider web like fibers form in the womb and cling onto the baby and in this case the fibers ended up connecting to my leg which resulted in me losing my right leg and a few fingers.

Life at the moment

I just turned 13 and have started my first year of high school. I joined the junior underwater hockey team and I’ve been having so much fun learning all the rules and techniques behind the sport.

I have been dancing since before I can remember and this year I’ve been lucky enough to do a duo with one of my close friends Cate Howard, it has been amazing.

I have a great group of supportive friends who accept and appreciate me for who I am.

As I have just started at Wellington Girls’ College it’s been a new experience trying to figure out my way around the school and meeting all the kind students and teachers along the way. Starting high school was a nerve racking experience but as time has passed,  I have become more comfortable with the new challenges that get thrown my way.

My aspirations for the future

I am not 100 percent sure what I want to do in the future, but what I do know is that I do want to do something towards the idea of architecture or interior design because I find design very interesting. I also like the idea of working at the Wellington Artificial Limb Center as a help or guidance person, so I can help younger kids with limb loss, and help people going through similar things.


Thanks for sharing Kate!

We get a lot of positive feedback from families in a neonatal unit who read these stories and feel strength, hope and positivity knowing that they are not alone going through these experiences and feeling certain emotions.

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