A significant number of Kiwi men are overcome by depression during a pregnancy, and the number climbs after birth, a new study reveals.

Auckland University researchers have found 2.3 per cent of fathers also experience depression during the pregnancy, and this reaches 4.3 per cent nine months after their child is born.
“Paternal depression during pregnancy is consistently linked to fathers’ poor health and stress during the pregnancy”.

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With neonatal journeys often full of added stress and anxiety it is important both mothers and fathers look after themselves and look to support their partner. The bottom of the Stuff article (link above) contains phone numbers to support services available should they be required. If in doubt, or not feeling 100%, please pick up the phone or talk to someone you feel comfortable with.



Information is power. We’ve provided a number of resources to help parents through their neonatal journey. Our ‘Tips for Dads’ resource provides a number of tips written by fathers who have been through a neonatal journey. You can read it here: Tips for Dads

Also, here’s some useful resources on activities to consider when on a neonatal journey. These can help you bond with your baby, help with the stress of the journey, and support your partner:

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