27 weeks, 960 grams

Luca was born at 27 weeks, 960gms, with no time for steroids for lung development.  I had a heart shaped uterus, and because of this shape and where Luca was sited, he ran out of space, hence the early delivery. He was put on a ventilator for the first 8 hours, and then straight onto CPAP and went home oxygen free. Luca had no major complications in hospital, having only two blood transfusions.

Luca was born with one club foot. At approximately 34 weeks, Lucas’ left leg was put in plaster cast, and from then until 3 weeks after leaving hospital, the leg and foot was recast at a different angle each fortnight.

Three weeks after coming home Luca was back in hospital for an operation to tie down a twisting testical. At this time he was also fitted with a pair of boots connected by a metal bar which he wore 23hrs a day until he was 9 months old. From 9 months Luca only wore the boots each evening sleep and this will continue until he turns corrected age two.

The boots delayed Lucas’ walking, and he only began to walk at 22 months. He will turn two next month, and is now a cheeky, happy normal toddler doing what most kids his corrected age would do.