The Little Miracles Trust are part of One Percent Collective!  

The Little Miracles Trust are proud to be a One Percent Collective partner charity. One Percent Collective has been inspiring generosity and simplifying regular giving since 2012.

They do this so a diverse mix of small grassroots charities, like the Little Miracles Trust, can spend less time fundraising, and more time improving the lives and outlook of the people and land of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Over 280 donors have collectively contributed to nearly $300,000 to the Little Miracles Trust. That’s the equivalent of providing 15,000 Care Packs to support parents across Aotearoa New Zealand during the many trips in and out of the hospital on their neonatal journey. 

Donating to the Little Miracles Trust through One Percent Collective means so much more than money! With our limited marketing capacity and budget, it’s incredibly valuable for us to be a part of a Collective of charities. One Percent Collective tells our stories, shows our impact, shouts about us on social media and advertises (at no cost to us) to increase awareness of the Little Miracles Trust, what we do and why it matters.

When you give to the Little Miracles Trust with One Percent Collective, every cent donated lands in our bank account – they don’t take a cut because they’re a charity too! We get 100% and they handle all the admin. They even make it easy to claim a 33% rebate on your the Little Miracles Trust donations at tax time!

This all adds up to a great giving experience for our donors and no-strings-attached funding for the Little Miracles Trust.

With a quick and easy One Percent Collective signup, you can choose to support the Little Miracles Trust exclusively or you can spread the love amongst the Collective whānau by also supporting our fellow partner charities.

Will you join the Collective to support the Little Miracles Trust?